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Established in Phoenix, Arizona 2018

The Tipsy Turtle story beings with a recipe for yummy family treats that only came around during the holidays. Years later these same recipes would become the starting point to helping friends recently diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer find relief. By adding cannabis distillate to these treats, our founder Toni was able to help her friends sleep and increase their appetite. After receiving raving reviews from her friends, our founder was inspired to help other Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients find relief. Welcome to Tipsy Turtle!

What is Tipsy Turtle’s mission?

At Tipsy Turtle we are passionate about developing cannabis products that help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives. By adhering to the highest standards of product quality and following the strictest production methods, Tipsy Turtle will continue to help provide safe alternative solutions for relieving and treating medical conditions to a discriminating and deserving community.


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