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Tipsy Turtle Edibles is one of the leading edible manufacturing companies available to Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients. We are an edible manufacturer that creates many different types of marijuana edibles and are recognized throughout Phoenix as one of Arizona’s most trusted cannabis edible production companies. Our small batch cannabis-infused edibles are handcrafted at our facility using only the finest ingredients. The edibles we create include chocolate turtles, chocolate covered pretzels, glazed pecans, turtle tracks and Snappers.


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Peanut Butter Bites

Learn more about our peanut butter bites

Glazed Pecans

Learn more about our glazed pecans


Learn more about our chocolcate covered pretzels

Smore'z Bites

Learn more about our Smore’z Bites


Learn more about our Snappers


Learn more about our chocolate turtles

Turtle Tracks

Learn more about our Turtle Tracks

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You can find our quality edibles at high quality dispensaries across Arizona.


Potent Edibles With Great Taste.

Our edibles are consistently effective, delicious, and enjoyable.

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